Is Facebook Banned, Hacked or Down ?

Right now it is a big question mark in front of Pakistani people as they are viewing a message saying:

“Sorry something went wrong.

we are looking on getting this fixed soon”


it is shown on opening any link of facebook or as shown in the picture below

is facebook down or banned or something
is facebook down or banned or something


Questions getting raised in the mind of people all over the social communities are majorly the following:

– Is facebook down ?

– Is facebook banned ?

– Is facebook hacked ?

– Is facebook banned in pakistan ? (as it was happened some years back without any notification)

– Is facebook having problems with paksitan telecommunication authority ?

facebook banned or hacked or down

Well nevertheless it is still a big question mark and no one knows what is going to happen.


All the best to facebook team, their network security department and facebook users as well.

Please leave your replies below if you’re aware of something authentic.

we wish to have fb back soon.

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