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Learn SEO Basic SEO Training in Lahore

SEO Training in Lahore 2016 – SEO Courses

Aimed at those who are interested in improving the positioning web browsers, the basic
SEO Training in Lahore course identifies the factors affecting the positioning and teaches optimize your website to attract more visitors.

We know the effort it takes to make a website. We want to attract customers and is a frustration when not on the top of Google. Websites must be optimized to be friendly to the search engines. Doing so without proper knowledge can end up hurting even more positioning.

TheNetHawks can help you uncover the black box of the SEO Training Course in Lahore. You will learn to optimize their pages and websites. If we are No. 1 you also may be.

Purpose of SEO Training in Lahore

The course responds to the questions of what, when, where and why the attraction of web visits from search engines through optimization practice SEO (search engine optimization). In addition, we will show how: detailing the most relevant factors and techniques to optimize them. In the end, those attending the training, will be qualified to optimize web sites to maximize your rankings in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

Addressed to

The training is primarily aimed at executives, general managers and marketing managers and product managers of websites. The only requirement to attend is to have knowledge, at user level in Internet browsing.

Method and Program

The basic SEO Training  in Lahore is composed of a stage presentation and then close with workshop sessions of exercise (designed to put into practice what they learned during the course). This is done in extending modality on average for 2-4 days taught during office hours.

The general topics covered are detailed below. These vary in scope and depth according to the specific needs of each client.

  • Introduction to Internet Marketing: Alternatives to attract visitors to a Website
  • What and how people look on the Internet?
  • What is SEO and what is not? Advantages, Disadvantages and Myths.
  • Desktop vs. SEO for sites SEO for Mobile Sites
  • The SEO Process
  • Introduction to Optimization and General Factors
  • Methodologies
  • Seekers: Algorithms and How to index the pages and Web sites
  • Friendly Technologies with SEO
  • Related programming languages ​​SEO
  • Friendly Building a Web Site to Search Engines: From conception to the launch.
  • Introduction to Keyword Analysis: search terms are the core of SEO
  • Hosting elements
  • SEO and Architecture the information
  • URL’s structure
  • HTML code
  • The Importance of Speed ​​of loading pages: Optimization and Deployment Elements
  • Factors Affecting Design SEO
  • Optimization Factors Editorial: Title, Description and Other Meta Tags
  • Geolocation: Your Optimization and Why Is Necessary
  • How to Write Content the Web and the Seekers?
  • “Findabilty” findable Making Websites for Search Engines
  • Factor External Links: About recommend Internet are defining the positioning of your website
  • Audit Website
  • Technical Resources for SEO

After completing the course, in addition to the presentation, it will be delivered to each of the participants with a checklist of factors to optimize and a list of resources SEO Training  in Lahore – referring websites, online tools and recommended publications – to facilitate the optimization process.

Other courses SEO and Digital Marketing

The basic training course SEO in Lahore is framed in a series of courses offered by inSite360 in the area of digital marketing. Other notable courses:

  • Advanced SEO Training
  • SEO Training Specialized for newspapers, portals and Online Publications
  • Specialized Training for Business SEO Retail and e-commerce sites
  • Course Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Google Analytics Training
  • Google Adwords training.

Contact TheNetHawks  today to determine the course or training package most suitable for your needs of digital marketing.

You’ll learn the following during my SEO Training

You’ll learn everything you need in order to understand SEO and what you need to do to implement a successful strategy for your business.

Understanding Search Engines & What is SEO

Learn how the search engines find your pages, what they read and what you need to do to attain better rankings. I’ll also help you understand exactly what SEO is and what it means to your website.

Search Engine Optimisation Techniques

We’ll look at title & description tags, explain what they are and how to write them. This section covers all the tags & headers you need to create a better performing website.

Making your website search engine friendly by researching keywords and phrases openYou’ll learn about keywords, phrases and long tail keywords plus I’ll show you tools that can help you pick the best key phrases.

Learn how to write fantastic content for your website.

A look at online copywriting and how to create search and user friendly content the converts into leads and sales.

Links and link building – the right and wrong ways explained
Discover the right way to deal with links and more importantly you’ll learn what NOT to do!

I’ll show you how to take advantage of the explosion in local search & get listed for local searches.

Advanced SEO Techniques

I’ll make you aware of rich snippets, schema’s and other advanced techniques so you can work with your web developer to create a better performing website.

Protecting Against Penalties

A look at Google Penguin and Panda and how to protect yourself from any Google penalties.

Measuring and tracking your visitors

You’ll learn how to track your visitors, figure out what they are up to on your website and why they leave!

Using Google’s Webmaster Tools

We’ll have a look at the free tools from Google that will help you spot problems with your website.

How to use Twitter, facebook & YouTube to improve your rankings”

Lots of ideas on how to use social media for search engine optimisation & driving direct traffic to your website or blog.SEO Glossary

You’ll also receive a glossary of terms to help you understand all the different phrases and acronyms used in the SEO world.

What will you learn?

You’ll learn everything you need in order to understand SEO and what you need to do to implement a successful strategy for your business.

Book your training course online now

Contact TheNetHawks  today to determine the course or training package most suitable for your needs of digital marketing.

Our latest reviews

  • Service rating : Excellent course and good facilities
    Product : Just what I was looking for, very professional and good mix of strategic overview + practical application. best SEO Training  in Lahore

    Web Designer,
  • I felt the training was of high quality and I learnt a massive amount from the course. Amad passion and enthusiasm were clear and he did an excellent job. good SEO Trainer  in Lahore

    Zain Ch,
    CEO, Global Logic
  • The trainer was great, one of the best SEO courses in Lahore  I’ve attended

    Senior Manager, AutoSale

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