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TheNetHawks is the Pakistan leading desktop application developing company with almost 10 years’ experience. Our Desktop application services recognize all over in Pakistan. We develop desktop applications that run stand alone in a desktop/ laptop offline and it does not need the web browser to run. TheNetHawks understands as different businesses have specific and unique requirements, our customized desktop applications help our valuable client’s businesses to meet their goal.

Desktop applications make the process quicker and efficient. TheNetHawks team develops Rich Desktop Applications (RDAs) and Internet Rich Desktop Applications (IRDAs). TheNetHawks team ensures thatdesktop apps work faster and efficiently access data from the source and synchronize it in offline operations.These desktop applications work well and responsive with the platforms like OS platforms and technologies i.e Microsoft Technology etc.

TheNetHawks team continuously works on apps to keep it updated and enhance the employee productivity. It is equipped with efficient security against unauthorized access.

Desktop Application Development Services

Our desktop application services team is the best option for the clients as it is equipped with following benefits for it

  • Desktop applications are customized according to the client needs with best solutions
  • Well documented source codes
  • Best Quality
  • Support & Maintenance

Full Cycle Desktop Application Development

TheNetHawks divides desktop application development into following stages.


TheNetHawks team studies and understands the specific requirements of your business and accordingly develops timeframe and phases of development for the desktop Application.TheNetHawks team ensures the necessary case study and research is done to deliver a functional product to the client to meet its requirements and satisfaction.

TheNetHawks team and business representative are carried out to ensure proper documentation of the process so that customer gets exactly what he needs.

Desktop Application Architecture

TheNetHawks team emphasize at this stage to for careful planning and architecture design for the software to come up with better technological solutions. A proper communication between.

TheNetHawks team advises the way to reduce the development cost and ways to improve.

UI Design

TheNetHawks has an in-house team that works in tight cooperation with the Customer and engineers to grasp client needs, mark character and most recent patterns in order to think of the idea of desktop programming that looks engaging and feels instinctive.

TheNetHawks desktop application development is based on 3 principles.

  • Arranging a meeting with relevant users to develop the desktop app to be user-friendly and easy to update.
  • Working on the feedbacks to provide an ideal desktop to its user.
  • The appearance of Desktop App is designed in such a way that it should be depicted nature of business and latest engaging design trend.

Desktop Application Development

TheNetHawks believes in providing a complete solution for its clients. And it focuses on following points during the development of Applications.

Performance of Application

Desktop Apps have to be faster than web counterparts. TheNetHawks ensures that customized solutions are capable of solving difficult tasks powerfully and quickly.

User Friendly

TheNetHawks team implies technical strategies, thorough planning, and extensive testing to make sure these desktops are user-friendly.

Secure Apps

TheNetHawks develops desktop apps that are highly secured against unauthorized access.


TheNetHawks ensures to deliver conveniently apps that fits user activities and customized updates.

Support and Maintenance

TheNetHawks team provides support and maintenance to keep the software up to date. It introduces the new features to pace with the industry trends with 24/7 support.

Features of TheNetHawks Desktop Apps

  • Game apps
  • Stand-alone Apps
  • Collaborative Apps
  • Client Server Apps
  • Utilities & Plugins
  • System Apps & Services

Components, Tools, Platforms of TheNetHawks Desktop Apps

Effective technology for every project is used with a vast technical experience in accordance with customer needs.

Main tools of TheNetHwks Desktop application services team are

  • C++ Qt and C# is top technology used for the desktop app development for cross platform.
  • .NET WHF is used for desktop app for windows and flawless integration with the MS products.
  • Java Swingmainly applied for the support and maintenance applications.

Technical Experience of TheNetHawks Team

  • MS Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X

Languages Used for Development

  • Javascript
  • Java
  • C++
  • C#

Presentation Layers in Desktop Apps

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • QML
  • WPF
  • XAML
  • WinForms
  • QtWidgets
  • NET
  • NET
  • LINQ

FrameWorks and Components Of Desktop Apps

  • Qt
  • Wix Installer
  • RestSharp
  • Syncfusion Controls
  • Telerik
  • Micro
  • MVVM Light Dev Express Controls
  • Rabbit MQ
  • MSMQ
  • Workflow Foundation (WF)
  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

Development Platforms

·         Qt Creator ·         Microsoft Visual Studio ·         Xamarin Studio


·         Mongo Database ·         Dapper ·         Nhibernate
·         Entity Framework ·         SQLite ·         MS SQL
·         Oracle Database · ·

Other Tools

·         WinAPI ·         MFC ·         COM
·         ActiveX ·         CoBRA ·         Qt ODBC
·         OLE DB ·         Git ·         At Lassian JIRA
·         At Lassian Confluence ·         Mercurial ·         JetBrains TeamCity
·         SVN ·         XSlT ·         MS SQL Server Management Studio
·         Objecti Pascal (VCL) ·         Objective-C ·         Sparx Enterprise Architect
·         PL ·         XML ·         MS Expression Blend
·         SOAP ·         WSDL ·         Embarcadero (Borland) C++ Builder
·         Subversion ·         Eclipse ·         JetBrains Intelli JIDEA
·         Apple Xcode ·         Transact SQL ·         Java SE (Swing, SWT RCP,JDBC)
·         Embarcadero (Borland) Delphi ·         Sybase Power Designer

CrossPlatform Desktop Application Development

TheNetHawks team uses Qt based development that allows desktop apps to run on operating systems of with high performance and smooth interface. With cross-platform desktop apps development, it reduces the delivery time and cost in comparison to apps development for separate platforms.

TheNetHawks team integrates the app with the user’s system with a sophisticated installer. It supports automated checks and response to the installation.

Updates of Desktop Application     

Continuous Support and maintenance of App by TheNetHawks team keeps it updated and new features and enhancement are done. TheNetHawks Team makes the flawless update process and which is convenient to users.

Applications have access to Operating System functions

TheNetHawks team ensures the integration of Desktop apps with the Operating System Function like an auto update of application, rebooting the computer, the timely block off access to the internet, incorporation of apps icon in the taskbar and their functionality in the operating system (OS) context menu.

TheNetHawks desktop application services Team is experienced in the delivery of desktop development projects for Hospitality, Healthcare, Banking and Financial, Telecom and in Retail that is able to provide viable solutions to the customer and industry needs.

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