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TheNetHawks is the global leader of based (Enterprise Resource Planning) ERP solutions providers in the Pakistan. We are working all major cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Peshawar since 2006. What makes TheNetHawks rest from unique from rest crowd is quality product delivery with best ERP solution customization in accordance with their business requirements. We innovate your business from restricted management system to dreamed state by accomplishing its technical necessities. TheNetHawks’ Based ERP Software Solution is the clarification of your all problems. TNH is a group of IT and business experts in Pakistan endeavoring to procure the excellent quality of services to their valuable clients. The company intends to focus all its energies towards revealing the quality business ERP solutions to the manufacturing enterprise in specific and other concerns in general, empowering them to excel in the highly competing global market.

Why do you need to Switch Clouse ERP Solutions?

With the passage of time, the technological advancement in the field of IT industry is recommendable. The whole world is get transformed into the global village. In this highly competitive environment, only those organizations are surviving that are adopting new innovation with welcome attitude. No one is free to surfing their energies on evanescent techniques.  Based ERP Solution is the latest innovation in the IT industry and keeps revolutionizing the organizations all over the Pakistan. In short we can conclude that organizations adopting new innovations in the industry are actually making their survival immortal.

Which Systems are covered in TheNetHawks ERP SUITE?

TheNetHawks Could ERP Suite have a diverse nature of the system. Our ERP suite is completely effective and worthwhile to all small and larger domain size organization. We grant extra functionality by the innovating system without charging you extra cost of upholding and technical assistance.

To efficiently gather and manage our clients’ business needs, we manipulate an extremely trained staff of ERP consultants full-time and support the skill sets of numbers of ERP experts across the globe. Our common employee has more than 20 years of experience & extensively trained to help organizations to manage successful ERP software and transformation projects. TheNetHawks ERP Suite cover systems are,

  • TNH HR Management System
  • TNH Payroll System
  • TNH General Ledger System
  • TNH Inventory Management System
  • TNH Purchasing – AP System
  • TNH Sales – AR System
  • TNH Human Capital Management System
  • TNH Event Management System
  • TNH School Management System
  • TNH Hospital Management System
  • TNH Retail ERP Sytsem
  • ERP Solutions Implementation Process

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ERP Solutions Implementation Process in TheNetHawks

Each of TheNetHawk’s service offerings mirrors our exclusive PERFECT ERP methodologies. Refined over 10 years of ERP software selection and implementation projects. Our present framework guarantee that each ERP drive adheres to the client’s guidelines (Business Requirement), practices (Current Advanced Technological innovations), and policies essential for ERP success. Read more about our ERP Solutions Implementation Process steps mentioned below:

  • Study & investigate client’s requirements.
  • Score reporting and system administration requirements from client side.
  • Conclude client’s requirement and prioritizing them by both parties
  • Development and customization required by Clients
  • Testing at vendor’s site.
  • Develop Coding of reference objects like chart of account, students, teachers etc. by both parties
  • Uploading of coding files provided by the client in ERP system.
  • Delivery of Software on client servers
  • Preparing hardware and operating system will be done by client’s staff.
  • Training of Software to client’s staff.
  • Test Run ERP at the client site with actual data.
  • Entering minimum one-month data by client staff.
  • Generation of reports required by the client.
  • Go Live
  • Final Handing over to the client and Sign off.

TheNetHawks offers 360-Degree Services

Preferably just focusing on one aspect of ERP implementation, TheNetHawks has developed its reputation by supporting our experience in helping organizations earlier, during and after an ERP system deployment. Our 360-degree service methodologies and expiations permit organizations to:

  • Implement ERP software on-time and on budget
  • Holistically approach the business, organizational, process and technological features of a successful ERP software initiative
  • Consolidate measurable operational and enterprise method to offers improvements in your ERP initiative.
  • Minimize business risk and disruption completely in the ERP implementation
  • Maximize moderate business profits after the ERP “go-live”
  • Fix shaky or suspended ERP implementations

Why TheNetHawks?

  • TheNetHawks is completely self-governing and aspiration organization. We do not just sell ERP software solutions and do not accept any percentages from software vendors. Our recommendation is based genuinely on the individual business needs of every client.
  • TheNetHawks extraordinary experienced, professional developers & consultants team offers fully customized and genuine consultancy and developments services to our precious clients. Our team has deep 10 years’ experience with more than 15 different ERP software solutions systems in dozens of industries. We have a strong understanding of how to processes ERP technology to accomplish dreamed profits levels by increasing your business.
  • We recognize that ERP software Solutions are not about technology – they are about improving business procedures. Our manufacturing experts hold best practices to enable a transmutation in business processes using ERP software.
  • TheNetHawks invested on clients. By taking a “one size fits all” approach, we program the time required to completely understand each client’s unique business requirements and technological needs. We also confine limit our client charge by providing outstanding focused services during all of our projects.
  • What makes TheNetHawks unique is their world class independent ERP consulting services. TheNetHawks is a committed source of experimentation and best tradition development. Our exclusive tools and methodologies benefit clients to depreciate costs and maximize profits.
  • While the market is full of lower-cost and lower-quality service providers, we give measured results and return on investment because it surpasses our fees. Always.

ERP Software Solutions imageFeatures of ERP Solutions

Here is the list feature that will be added to current system when’ll switched from traditional system to new ERP Software Solution of TheNetHawks:

  • Give fastest & real-time reporting in a controlled environment.
  • Give Personalize dashboards peculiarities.
  • Mature workforce productivity with the practical receptiveness of features.
  • Lowering ownership cost by abolishing upfront & ongoing IT investments.
  • Delivery of automated products & their up gradation.
  • Effective Management of Project in a Collaborative Environment.
  • Client Interaction Enhanced Level of Customer Satisfaction.
  • Automated Business Processes Minimized Time Management Issues.
  • Lower Support & Assistance training cost.
  • Adaptability of the system to all available devices.
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