TheNetHawks is one of the most leading company in Pakistan in providing highly dedicated outsource developers, develop both IOS and Android Applications,  book keeping, Finance and accounting services, Bookkeeping services, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll services and tax preparation with the experience of more than 10 years. If you want to develop any website, for to hire developers services for developing the best quality web solutions or to provide maintenance, The NetHawks is the only who provide all the above facilities. We develop finance and accounting software’s, provides services of it and optimization of your software’s too.  We develop both web-based and desktop finance and accounting applications.

Today’s bewildering business condition is driving an undeniably unpredictable and requesting CFO motivation. Sending looking associations are swinging to finance to help prod the business toward building more key organizations. Beat CFOs are reacting to the call by giving knowledge and services to key activities bringing about noteworthy, unmistakable and demonstrated shareholder esteem.

TheNetHawks company, exclusive innovation, and prescient examination, combined with our back and industry experience, can help you increase better control of—and visibility into—your finance operations The outcomes: more noteworthy shareholder esteem, expanded income, upgraded expenses and working capital, and more prominent consistence and control.  An efficient financial management system progress short- and long-term business performance by streamlining invoicing and bill collection, eliminating accounting errors, minimizing record-keeping redundancyensuring compliance with tax and accounting regulations, helping personnel to quantify budget planning, and offering flexibility and expandability to accommodate change and growth.

Why people prefer to use financial Applications?

Tools such as robotic process automation and predictive analytics help us deliver real business results such as these:

  • Reducing days sales outstanding by 10 to 30 percent
  • Optimizing working capital
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Reducing operating costs by up to 45 percent
  • Improving revenue
  • Enhancing customer and supplier relationships
  • Supporting complex regulatory requirements
  • Increasing financial control

TheNetHawks wide breadth of services and deep pool of talent concentrate on not only boosting the performance of the finance department, but heightening an entire company’s market strength.

We offer services within four critical financial disciplines:


    Working capital and process adequacy investigation, travel and cost examination, and valuing and contract consistence.


    Client association and prioritization, question investigation, provisioning examination and records receivable investigation.


    Cash forecasting, intercompany compliance and period close analytics


    Decision support, forecasting and budget, administration and governance, and business metrics and tracking.

TNH Web-based Finance and Accounting Application 

A web-based financial application gives a chance to get to the business data from any place and at whatever time everywhere throughout the world. It likewise encourages to spare the time, cash and enhances the intuitiveness with different clients and accomplices. Our web-based applications are easy to use and to implement without any interrupt with the existing work process. Same web based software can provide the multimedia support to the end user. We developed a customized web application that fulfils the business requirements. Same online programming can give the sight and sound support to the end client. The created web application is open from mobile phone and Personal Computer in the meantime. There are many applications those can be accessible from mobile and personal computer but difference is that it is the financial system, which accessing a database having huge data and many stored procedure, a lot of triggering. We have developed in Agile methodologies using proper SDLC. Target of this web application is to make it open source and user friendly.

The common element of a COA is as follows:

  1. Assets
  2. Liabilities
  3. Income and BASIC SETUP
  4. Expenses

 The assets and liabilities are generally included under the balance sheet items section. The income and expenses are in under profit and loss section.

  1. Balance Sheet Items
  2. Profit and Loss Items

 The assets and liabilities etc. are the children of these sections.

  • Balance Sheet Items Assets Liabilities
  • Profit and Loss Items Income Expenses

This is a web application, so it follows the technology that supports the web. We have used ASP .NET MVC for design platform. For smart phone, it is used MVC 4. MVC 4 is supported for both the personal computer and mobile display respectively. The SQL server is accessible by both mobile phone and personal computer device with the help of ASP .NET MVC 4.

Desktop Finance and Accounting service Application ( TNH financial Software)

TheNetHawks Company staffs experts in business and accounting for their sales, support, and training and product development teams.

Even the very smallest businesses need to keep track of their money, from payroll to taxes. In fact, many operate so close to the bone that every dollar is critical. Very small businesses and sole proprietorships need accounting software at least as much as their larger counterparts. The problem is, what they need and what a bigger business needs are most probably not the same thing at all.

We have developed our TNH financial and accounting services which provides following services:

  1. Privacy settings
  2. Best-in-class report generation
  3. Comprehensive, integrated payroll application
  4. Database for inventory, customers, and vendors
  5. Clear and easily customized dashboards
  6. Data stored both in the cloud and locally
  7. Billable time entries and weekly time sheets
  8. Inventory tracking
  9. Fixed Assets
  10. Chart of Accounts
  11. Entries
  12. Reports

Each of the site’s functions are separated into modules, which then provide a multilevel set of tools specific for that function. 

At the heart of TNH financial and accounting software, is a robust database, which means that once customer and product information is input, it becomes readily available throughout the system and is cross referenced so that changes input in one place are instantly reflected elsewhere. Customer records include all the basic contact information but also things like billing preferences, tax information, terms, account numbers, and many other fields. For employee records, there are even more available fields, appropriate for payroll and tax functions.

Over the last successful decade, TheNetHawks financial developers are highly efficient in providing services which always aims to keep its users at first priority.

Our skilled team of dedicated finance and accounting developers, designer, programmers, and coders are specialized in providing efficient and affordable PHP / MySQL, Framework, and other open-source scripting languages services that include offering our clients with dynamic websites and applications for business purposes.

You will get predominant quality at reasonable cost. TheNetHawks developers devote Time, Energy, Expertise, and Intelligence on each step of development and this is what make us the leading PHP outsourcing firm in Pakistan.

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