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TheNetHawks is the Pakistan leading mobile app developing company with almost 10 years’ experience. We are responsible to develop Mobile Applications with strong business ethics. TheNetHawks is determined to provide customizable solutions to its valuable customers. TheNetHawks develops mobile applications that you can dwell upon. TheNetHawks mobile apps are designed keeping a simple philosophy of digital era in mind that technology in right hand has the power to change. TheNetHawks under one roof with its Creative, Experienced and Dedicated Team develops Mobile Apps, Responsive Sites and any Digital Product that you need on live screen with world-class strategies and designs. The interfaces of each app is created in such a way to give a user-friendly and responsive feel to its end users.

Mobile Application DevelopmentTheNetHawks is a Cloud Based ERP & IT Solutions providing firm located in Pakistan was founded in 2006. We have a good reputation among our clients due to the Quality Services, Customized Solutions, Continuous Support and Assistance Services after application development. TheNetHawks Services mainly include Website Designing, Desktop Applications, ERP Solutions Pakistan, Web Development, ERP Consultancy, Digital Marketing, Mobile Application, Content Writing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Digital Printing and much more.

TheNetwHawks offers its mobile application development services in all cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Islamabad.

Mobile App Development Services – iOS | Android | Xamarin | Hybrid

TheNethawks has highly talented, innovative and experienced mobile app development team that have strong command on latest technological innovations that doesn’t really happen on a conference table. Our mobile Apps Development teams apply the method to analyse the Business Model, Feasibility of the Project, Market Challenges, Position of Products and output as an independent product to deliver an extraordinary customized solutions to our clients.

If you need an IOS, Android, Xamarin, Hybrid Applications then TheNetHawks is a right selection for you. We will bring out a valuable application for you from scratch to satisfy your business requirements. We’ll give life to your idea.

Strategic Definition of Product

TheNetHawks team pretty well understand that first and foremost step towards mobile app development is to “define the product”. Which means the requirements of your clients and their goals, they are looking for.

Tactics involved in this phase are:

  • Product Vision
  • Concept Workshop
  • Feature Prioritization
  • Phases of development


Our Mobile Application Development team does the user-centred research for a particular mobile application as a part of their research phase. The user-centred research is carried out to see things from a perspective of a general user and come up with a responsive interface and user-friendly application.

Tactics involved in this phase are:

  • User Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Usability Testing

Business and Market Insights

It is very important for the success of a project to analyse its market position by keeping up to date in accordance to the latest trends. By this, TheNetHawks makes it possible for the end user to meet its required goals from the market perspective.

Tactics involved in this phase are:

  • Business Goal
  • Competitive Study
  • Success definition for a particular app
  • Analyst Insights
  • Data Analysis


TheNetHawks team commence the gathered information with the purpose of usability of app starts creating a wireframe and design interactions with more responsive featears.

Tactics involved in this phase are:

  • Development of Wireframes
  • Feature Prioritization


Our Creative mobile app designers’ team processes information into creative graphic designs and eye catching website content to reflect the business purpose of the clients.

Tactics involved in this phase are:

  • Creative Content
  • Graphic Designing


Our team processes the content and codes the application into the functional program.


TheNetHawks team to ensure the quality of the final product rigorously tests the app. It is ensured by our SQAE & Testers team that there is no bug in the app and it is highly secure and bug free app.

Tactics involved in this phase are:

  • User Labs
  • Research Panel


The final public product is submitted to the app store so that users can have an access to download it and our client gets benefitted from it.

Mobile App Development Services 

TheNetHawks team has more than 10 years proven track record of developing Apps. Our team is well versed and has been developing apps for Apple, Android, XAMARIN and Hybrid.

  • Corporate games App.
  • Apps for the Entrepreneurs and Start-up Business
  • Talent and HR Management Apps
  • Loyalty Software Apps
  • Analytics & Mobile marketing Apps

Following Types of Mobile Apps developed by TheNetHawks:

iOS Application Development Services

The NetHawks team is an expert in developing apps for IOS. IOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. The team will develop from scratch into a feature rich iPhone solution with customized features.

Features of IOS Apps are:

  • Apple TV Compatibility
  • Apple Watch Compatibility
  • API Integration
  • IBeacon& BLE Device Integration
  • Swift
  • Keychain & Touch ID Security
  • Analytics
  • Location Based Services
  • Payment Gateways
  • Audio Streaming
  • Video Streaming

Hybrid App Development Services

TheNetHawks team has expertise in developing Hybrid Apps. Hybrid Apps is a way to produce the cost-effective way to provide compatibility with other platforms. Hybrid Apps are also known as web-based apps. It combines the best of both native and HTML5 world. It is basically built using HTML5 and Javascript on a native platform. So it provides access to both platform features. TheNetHawks Hybrid Apps yield great benefits to its clients.

Features of Hybrid Apps are:

  • IoT
  • Fast & Reliable Backend
  • Proof of Concept Applications
  • React
  • Angular 2
  • Real-Time Data Sync Via Web Sockets
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Cross-Platform Web-Based Apps

Android App Development Services

TheNetHawks has a highly qualified team that has developed high-end user quality android apps for our corporate clients. Android mobile Apps are dedicated for the android platform which is built for smartphone or tablet PC.

Features of Android Apps are:

  • Responsive Designs
  • Full Proof Security
  • API Integration
  • IBeacon& BLE Device Integration
  • Location Based Services
  • Analytics
  • NFC
  • Payment Gateways
  • Audio Streaming
  • Video Streaming
  • Android Wear Compatibility
  • Android TV Compatibility

XAMARIN App Development

TheNetHawks team has been developing Windows Phone Application. The team has been developing a high quality app for end users.

Features of XAMARIN Apps are:

  • Native Apps With Up To 50% Code Reuse
  • Forms With Up To 90% Shared Code
  • Complex And Reliable Client-Server Applications
  • API Integration
  • Complex Data Visualization
  • Ibeacon& BLE Device Integration
  • Analytics
  • Payment Gateways

Over the last successful decade, TheNetHawks built highly efficient mobile applications in Pakistan which always aims to keep its users at first priority. Mobile Apps Developed by TheNetHawks are on the top list of App Stores.

TheNetHawks teams devotes Time, Energy, Expertise, Intelligence on each step of mobile app development and this is what make us the leading Mobile App Development firm in Pakistan.

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