Quran Teaching in Pakistan

Looking for Online Quran Teaching in Pakistan that is the same effective as face to face learning?

Now a days there are many Quran tutoring websites, but our proficient and friendly tutors make us the best online Quran teachers. We provide quality distance Quran learning services in timely and professional manner.

We provide you with Online Quran learning through Skype and create an interactive one on one session which makes the learning process much better than the live in person. Our Quran teachers give you instructions of Tajweed and help you and your kids to learn the Holy Quran in a rather interesting way!

Our tutors provide one on one online Quran classes on Skype, which enables you to learn to read holy Quran online with tajweed rules. We are offering Quran Recitation, Quran memorization, Quran translation, Quran tafseer and variety of customized online Quran courses.

Need of Online Quran learning

These days, there are majority of people who are engaged in full time work, studies and family. Consequently, they cannot find time to go into Islamic centers to learn Holy Quran. Therefore majority of the Muslims are not aware of how to correctly recite the holy Quran with Tajweed.

Targeting needs of such people and having an experience of 10+ years, we aim to serve and assist such Muslims by providing online one-to-one live Quran classes on Skype, for learning the holy Quran at the time most suited to you at an affordable fee.

Our teaching method is very successful and our all students are very pleased with our services, therefore for your satisfaction, first day of classes is offered on trial basis in which you can evaluate our services and teaching method.

We provide you with an opportunity to learn the rules of Tajweed that is better for your kids, adults and new Muslims to lead their lives according to the Islamic rules. Now students of any age in any country can learn to recite Quran at their own schedule. Parents can also now watch their children learning Holy Quran in front of their eyes and we are sure that you will be fully satisfied with the quality of our teaching.

Our Aim

Every Muslim knows the importance of learning Quran, but only a few attempt to spend their lives on the basis of Quran and Islamic teachings. Our Online Quran Teaching is established with the aim to spread the knowledge of the religion Islam and Quran, especially among those who are residing in the places where there are no reliable resources of learning Quran.

Being the best established online the Quran learning services provider, our aim also includes the establishment of the religion Islam. We are striving to promote online Quran learning with latest technology. We have been teaching Quran and Islam for more than 10 years and have the aim to spread the light of Islam all across the world.

Why Us

With our hard work and devotion, we have been successful in creating a very friendly learning environment for every student including male, female and kids. As the classes are available for 24 hours, you can select any specific time for your class as per your needs and convenience. We offer high flexibility in timing.

We offer home learning facility to the students so that they can sit comfortably at their home and learn Holy Quran, even if they are residing in a place where there are no such learning resources. Our tutors are well trained and highly qualified so that our students get a high quality Quranic education. Every student either kid or adult is given individual attention for delivering the best education.

Thus, we have made it very easy for the Muslims to learn the Quran by sitting at their home. There is no need to go out for learning Quran. Home based learning has made it possible for every person to learn Quran with his own convenience of time. We have the best team of professional Qaris and Qarias with excellent Qirat style and possesses the experience to teach Quran at any level and to any age group. Our carefully designed teaching plan enables both the teacher and the student to learn Quran with more effectively and efficiently.

About Our Tutors

Teaching Quran is a big responsibility, so in order to fulfill this responsibility, we hire the best tutors for our students. Their selection is made on the basis of their religious morals and educational background. For giving Online Quran Classes to our students, we hire full time tutors and the recruitment process is based on their Quran recitation, Tajweed and communication skills.

They can deliver lecture in a very professional manner and are also capable in speaking both English and Arabic. The tutors are well-qualified and we give them special training so that they become able to deliver what we have promised to our students.

Every student is given an individual attention by an online Quran teacher. The teachers are not only arranged for the adult students, but they also give online Quran classes for kids.

All our tutors are:

  • Highly Qualified and Experienced in Quran and Islamic Teachings.
  • Fully Trained to in Arabic language
  • Hafiz-e-Quran tutors for the memorization class
  • Completely aware of Recitation rules.
  • Both Male and Female Tutors

Our approach towards providing Quran education

Our Quran teaching includes the courses in which students are taught how to learn the Quran. The learning consists of the following steps

  • How to Read Quran
  • Quran with Tajweed
  • Learn Quran Word by word
  • Memorization of Quran
  • Islamic Duas

We are renowned for providing the quality education with a team of certified teachers and scholars. We offer classes for the students of all age groups.

Students across the globe are benefiting from our services and enjoying the opportunity to learn Quran via Skype. We have hundreds of satisfied students, which is the sign of our performance and credibility.

We are determined to help every one learn Quran the way they should regardless of their religion, race, color, gender, creed or national origin and spread the message of Allah. We strive to gain our customer’s trust and build long lasting professional relationship by providing the best online Quran tutoring services.

Therefore, you can rely on us for the best Online Quran Teaching in Pakistan. For more information or queries, give us a call or email at:  info@thenethawks.com Skype@TheNetHawks

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