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Did you find TheNetHawks on the first page of Google? Because we are experts at Search Engine Optimization and we can get you on the 1st page, too.

Google now uses over 200 signals in their algorithm for scoring and last year, there were over 540 quality improvements to their search algorithm alone.

An Effective process of increasing the number of traffic to website and at the same time ensuring the website at higher rank on organic results returned by search engines. It is an undisputed demand of all business owners around the globe to get higher ranking  and so higher will be their visibility to your client otherwise appearance on second or third page of organic returned results of search engine optimization services is like hiding in online business circle.

TheNetHawks SEO services in Pakistan are designed to increase visibility within the algorithmic (natural, Organic or free) search results to deliver high quality, targeted traffic to your website.

Get your website on the first page of Google and attract thousands of your customers.

More and more people are using search engines, i.e. Google to find the products and services they want to buy.  You’re probably looking for an SEO services in Pakistan and searched for Pakistan SEO services, or something similar in order to get to this webpage. Hence if you’re selling products and services online, it’s important that your site appears as high up the search results as possible.

SEO Company in pakistan

Whatever your business or presence on the Internet and no matter however you’re selling on a local, national or even global level. If you want it to succeed, SEO needs to be as important a part of your marketing efforts as everything else you do. But, as a specialist in the market, we know that getting SEO right can be hard, with the major search engines moving the goalposts all the time. And if you get it wrong, you could end up causing more damage than good. This is where we can help by offering the kind of SEO services in Pakistan businesses are looking for.

TheNetHawks Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service

TheNetHawks is a leading IT company in Pakistan with intelligent writers, programmers and developers, working as a team. TheNetHawks SEO services team has set the graph of performance so high by continuous hard work, customer care and success.

More than six billion searches are carried out on Google and that shows potential of search engine to bring traffic on your website. TheNetHawks knows very well how to technically and logically make client’s website appear on top ranking of organic search result to bring a huge useful traffic to its client’s website or webpage and increase its sales and productivity.

Be on Top in Google, Yahoo and Bing by TheNetHawks

TheNetHawks team promises you a success in top ranking on search engines i.e Google, Yahoo , Bing ,info etc and not only it promises you to get you a higher rank but maintains your position for long term. TheNethawks team is experienced, technical and socially active so it develops a good working bond between client and customers in an effective result of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of a website.

Why to Choose TheNetHawks SEO Service

  • It has a proven successful record of a decade in the field of search engine optimization and fine-tuning of websites or webpages.
  • It has team of certified experts.
  • It delivers a website which is user friendly and attractive enough to keep visitors for a longer time on the web page and hence more exposure you get.
  • It promises a higher rank with huge traffic on the first page of search engine returned result.
  • It ensures to engage visitors for longer time on your website or webpage.
  • It transforms your business into a brand by giving high ranking.
  • It has a fair package with a best return in town and on time.
  • It uses latest search engine optimization (SEO) audit tools.
  • It is well versed in execution of Google Directives.
  • It provides the report on regular basis as per requirement of client i.e weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • It promises to make you word of mouth in online industry.

How TheNetHawks Team carries out SEO

TheNetHawks team has the right team to get your website on top of organic results returned by search engines. TheNetHawks team does the Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • By improving the Website Content
  • By improving the Website Code
  • By Improving the Website Structure
  • By making the website user friendly

Strategy of TheNetHawks for Search Engine Optimization is all about a clear, technical and well planned blue print of SEO with delivery of final webpage or website on time, As TheNetHawks understands the worth of time of its clients.

Study of Business

TheNetHawks SEO team will study the details and complexity of your business services or products and core elements to have better understanding of your business. It will do research to identify the opportunities for those who are having difficulty in Search Engine Visibility or Ranking.

SEO Audits

TheNetHawks SEO team will examine the website technically on page and off page and current ranking of website on Search Engine Result Page (SERP).It has latest tools to audit your website and identify the issues, room for improvement and opportunities to flourish. It processes the data from the study and will create content rich in keywords which define your business the best. It ensures to produce a high quality content in the course of optimization to make your online success possible.

At the end of this phase it is decided to optimize the current website or it has to be redesigned for the best results.


TheNetHawks SEO services team will optimize your complete website or webpage according to latest search engine directives. SEO content includes articles, researches, tutorials, testimonials, whitepapers, and glossary and info graphics. TheNetHawks team not only optimizes the content but also the code of it too. The optimization of html makes the code simpler and easy to understand for machine algorithms to read. By optimizing the code the time to load page is reduced and hence the spiders of search engines don’t have to wait for a longer time to read your website, which increases the chances of higher ranks on search engine result pages (SERP).

Keyword Research

The foundation of any good SEO campaign depends on choosing the right keywords. TheNetHawks help you to find the terms (Keywords) that your potential customers are using to make sure that you have the right balance of potential traffic and competition.

On-page Optimization

The A grade On page Optimization is crucial if you want good rankings. We can make sure your pages tell the search engines what they’re about. We make them as relevant as possible, without overdoing it.

Content Creation

Relevant and good quality content for your website is important for your customers and the search engines. We can assist you produce content that is relevant for your key search terms and converts the visitors to your website.

High Quality Linkbuilding

Gaining links from other websites with trust and authority can push your pages to the top of the search engine results. Our link building approach ensures that your website gets a high quality, natural looking link profile, for long term rankings.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools provides a wealth of useful information about your website’s presence on the Internet. As well as making sure it’s set up properly, we can help you get the most of the information it presents.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an invaluable source of info about the traffic your website has. We can make sure that google analytics is properly set up to provide you useful information you can use to make better informed decisions.

Google Optimization

If you want to rank your site for searches in your local area, then a properly optimized Google business listing is essential. We can insure your listing is set up properly and optimized.

Social Media Marketing

Social signals are also becoming an increasingly important of SEO. We can help you to set up your business profiles on the main platforms like (Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ etc.) and show you how social media marketing can improve your rankings & your customer relationship.

Local Search Optimization

Optimizing your website pages to rank well for local searches is more important than simply building links. Due to our Local SEO experiences we know that what resources can be used to land customers on your site homepage.

Backlinks & Social Media

The SEO services job is not just done with optimization as the purpose of high rank in google or any other search engine cannot be just achieved with optimization. It is also about bringing traffic to the websites and making people aware of your online presence. TheNetHawks uses all its latest resources for backlinks and social media engagement of your website to ensure a huge useful traffic visiting your website. It submits your website and webpages into different directories to generate traffic. However, TheNetHawks focuses on the quality of backlinks rather quantity of backlinks.

Site Health Monitoring

By Site Health Monitoring TheNetHawks ensures the website to be out of reach of spammers or bots or other referral spams.

Position Monitoring

TheNetHawks team monitors the position of the website by looking at the trends in the relevant industry and generates daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports to ensure its higher rank on first page search engine result page (SERP).

TheNetHawks teams devotes Time, Energy, Expertise, Creativity to get you positive results from top SEO strategy, using SEO services which is built from a successful experience of a decade.

SEO Company in Pakistan

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services is not a one day job, it requires time, efforts done in the right direction and hence the result is rewarding and enduring for TheNetHawks clients.

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