Software Testing

TheNetHawks is the global leader in providing Software Testing Services in Pakistan from past 10 years. We have profound expertise in diverse spheres: Finance, Banking, E-Commerce, Education, Healthcare, Entertainment, Telecom, Travel, Aviation, Natural Resources and much more. Our Strong Quality Assurance team can start testing of your project within 24 hours neglecting complexity of the project.

TheNetHawks Product Testing Cycle includes acquired team technical skills, Understanding of business Needs, Specific domain knowledge, professionally build test plan & its accomplishment.

TheNetHawks Quality Assurance Team

TheNetHawks Quality Assurance Team is the aggregate of Professionals each resource is techno-scientific further in each particular field of QA. Our Quality Assurance team is consist of Professional Testers Manuals and Automated Engineers, Technical Writers, Test Managers, Quality Consultants, Performance Engineers, Security Engineers, Translators and much more. We ensure Quality of entrusted software products. TheNetHawks care about employees Work Environment because employees are the building blocks of an organization. We offer healthy, comfortable and conducive working environment that satisfy local and international requirements.

TheNetHawks QA Skills & Expertise

TheNetHawks is specialized in quality assurance services. We endeavor all types of software testing services all over the Pakistan. We have professional teams that are masters in using distinct testing tools and are satisfied in working with innovative mobile, desktop and web technologies. Our high proficiency accompanying with wide knowledge in Information Technology field allow us to be stand in the list of top quality control organizations to satisfy numerous clients all over the Pakistan. Our motive is to deliver “Bug-Free, User-Friendly End Product” within the deadline period.

Here is the list of Operating systems, Mobile Platforms, Database management Systems and programming languages on which our QA departments is proficient in working.

Operating Systems Mobile Platforms Relational Database Management Programming Languages
MS Windows Android MS SQL Java
Mac OS iOS MySQL C/C++/C#
UNIX, Linux Windows Phone Oracle Ruby
MS/DOS BlackBerry Sybase ASP/ASP.NET
QNX Sailfish OS Informix XML/XSL/XSLT
VxWorks Tizen Interbase Perl/PHP/CGI
Ubuntu Touch OS Firebird SQL/PLSQL
MS Access Delphi

TheNetHawks Quality Assurance Professional Team is specialized in applying following Automated Testing Tools, Load Testing Tools, Bug Tracking Tools and Project Management Tools.

Automated Testing Tools Load Testing Tools Bug Tracking Tools Project Management Tools
Selenium Mercury LoadRunner Jira Asana
Ranorex Apache JMeter Redmine Collabtive
Robotium NeoLoad Pivotal Tracker Basecamp
Visual Studio Test Professional Wapt BugZilla Trello
Mercury Quick Test Pro / WinRunner Grinder FogBugz Microsoft Project
AutomatedQA TestComplete WebLoad Mantis Zoho Projects
Cucumber Pylot Team Foundation Server Gemini
TestPlant Siege Trac
Borland Silk Test PureLoad

Our QA professionals are specialized All kind of CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Silverstripe, Joomla, Plone, Magento, PrestaShop, Bitrix) and Cloud ERP Solutions (HR Management System, School Management System, Hospital Management System, Event Management System, Human Capital Management System, Financial Account Management System, Retail ERP System, Payroll Management System, etc.).

Why Hire TheNetHawks?

TheNetHawks is a well-known software testing and quality assurance services provider in Pakistan. We have been on the market for about 10 years, and we are recognized for producing trained and self-governing feedback about the quality of the tested software products.

Our Testing Quality Services Combines

  • We verify the quality of various mobile, web bases and desktop applications
  • We estimate the scope of business, prescribe the testing types that are important for the project
  • We refine the test plan, test procedures, test cases in accordance with your business domain and Business requirements
  • We implement the greatly suitable devices for the testing life cycle
  • We implement automated testing tools and demonstrate to the client’s workers how to handle the automated tests
  • We produce comprehensive, informational error/bug reports
  • We several pieces of advice on software testing and quality assurance.

Customers And Partners Extremely Acknowledge Cooperation With TheNetHawks Because

  1. We customize each testing method and make it docile with the client’s intentions and aspirations.
  2. We can work against several error tracking and test management system and furthermore error reports in the form that is peculiar for the customers.
  3. We continually keep up with the advanced accomplishments in software testing and practice the latest and the complete effective software testing approaches and techniques.
  4. Our quality assurance QA team incorporates test engineers concentrating in different testing types and software outcomes.
  5. Our project managers and quality control consultants have experience of handling large and small domain size projects, of diverse complexity.
  6. A huge expanse of mobile and desktop devices with various screen resolutions and operating systems specifications is at our distribution; we favor to test on actual devices rather than on emulators.
  7. We spend much consideration to information security (Data security) and endorse a non-disclosure agreement with our cherished customers and valuable partners (stakeholders).
  8. We have affordable flexible QA Services and Testing Services Plans adjacent to all kind of business models and that will helpful to choose the project.

Our QA Team Offers Testing Types

Our Quality Assurance team offer all Type of Testing like:

  • Automated Testing Services
  • Cross Browser Testing Services
  • Ecommerce Testing Services
  • Exploratory Testing Services
  • Functional Testing Services
  • Game Testing Services
  • Installation Testing Services
  • Load Testing Services
  • Localization Testing Services
  • Mobile Testing Services
  • Multi-Platform Testing Services
  • Regression Testing Services
  • Security Testing Services
  • SEO Testing Services
  • Technical Writing Services
  • Usability Testing Services
  • User Interface Testing Services
  • Web Application Testing Services

TheNetHawks is certified with CMMI Level 3. CMMI certification affirms the outlined testing methods that we follow to deliver quality solutions to our clients. TheNetHawks is Pakistan number one Quality assurance & testing service providers in all major cities like Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Karachi. We offer you mind-blowing and outstanding QA Services Solution in accordance with your Business domain and needs. Our QA Team always make the test plan by thinking out of the box and keep every new project as a challenge. We guarantee of delivering bug-free products within the deadlines.

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