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Our Approach


We, at The Net Hawks, believe to enhance relationships with our clients by fulfilling their needs and providing with a right platform equipped with latest technologies, for freelance work. Therefore, we align our incentives with their objectives, and collaborate to unlock the full potential of their business.


This builds deep and enjoyable relationships with our clients.

We are all-aware of the fact that to maximize the success potential of our company, we need to carve our expert advice in such a way that applies to the way you perform tasks for us. This allows us to create rich relationships with our clients.



We provide a list of work related to various categories, where Freelancers can contact after finding work of their relevant area. In order to look through such a large number of freelancers effectively, we handle every tiny detail effectively. Freelancers can search the work of their desired area in which they hold skills and expertise, and can directly apply for the work to be assigned to them.


Therefore, we hire employees, through a preplanned process of hiring, and hire only those who are perfectly eligible to be hired.


Here is how we manage all the things together through our strategic approach:


Hire only those who are eligible for work

Work is assigned carefully to those who are deserving. Freelance workers can simply search for the tasks related to their area of interest, and can request that work to be assigned to them.


Tasks are assigned to the workers keeping in mind their capabilities and skill sets, and only those who are deserving exceed in getting the work.

Help you manage your jobs remotely

We, at The Net Hawks, keep everything on track and collaborate with you, creating agreements, defining milestones and tasks for you and assigning the required work to you, thus help you to manage you work remotely, without any sort of travelling.

You can work from your homes, get your work, agree on a particular payment, complete your assigned work, submit it to us, and get paid. Simple, it is!

Pay you quickly for the work accomplished successfully

Payment mode is simple and fast. You can submit your work to us once you are satisfied with the work you have done and rechecked. We assure you of risk-free payment delivery to you. It’s a secure, “win-win” arrangement.

The employer pays us before the work begins. Once you are near to approved milestones and employer shows his assent and satisfaction on your work, we pay you.

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