Offshore software development center

An Offshore Software Development Center that finds its drive in the software.

Offshore development is very common and popular among the companies that want to decrease the functional prices or expenses. There are other points as well that the companies target like the productivity. Productivity increases with many other factors like the talent of individuals. When a firm decides to offshore, it gets the talent that is diverse. There are no boundaries to the imagination and the talent of experienced individuals.

Offshore Software Development Center

At The Net Hawks, you get the assistance of offshore development company. There are hundreds of mind working for the same goal and walking to the same destination. When you work with us, your goals become our goals and we combine our efforts to deliver the best services. The solutions and the services that we deliver are for thousands of businesses. Only the solution differs, after all, the requirements change when the business changes. Maybe you can work with us and experience what it is like when expert programmers walk beside you.

Our offshore software development center acts when your personal department fails to deliver what you need. You can control our working and our efforts. With your will, we start working and you provide us the destination. Our center is like a virtual hub of IT experts for you. A virtual hub that works outside your company but you can always reach it when you want. Our doors are always open for the clients that need our assistance in making quality software.

When you are working by yourself and walking alone to a place that is far away from you. You forget about yourself and other options. This makes your company lose more than what it actually gains. Working with an offshore software development company allows you to do all that you couldn’t before. We will work while providing you the power to concentrate on the core functions that require your attention. The agility of your company is very important for the survival in the competitive market. While you do all of this, you also get to accept the expertise of professional software programmers.

It has already been proved that working with the offshore software development center provides you the visibility that is necessary and the effectiveness throughout the long run.


There are some services that we offer you and they are the following:

  • Custom Development of Software
  • Software Testing
  • Software Development Services
  • Testing Service
  • Engagement Models

What are the advantages?

When you work with the offshore software development center, you get to enjoy many advantages. Most of the benefits revolve around the timeframe and decrease in the costs. Our experts work with you to maximize the advantages and deliver the best of us.

Knowledge and some skills

When you are in the time of need, you look for the offshore companies that can actually deliver what you need. You check out the experts that will be working for. After all, their talents and other abilities are very important to you because they will be the ones to work on the projects.  The skills and talents play a very important role in your decision concerning the offshore company.

When you work with us, you don’t have to worry about the quality. The Net Hawks has a lot of talent to deliver. We have the professional programmers who have gotten their education from the top class universities. They are experienced with the latest technology and can work on the projects that you have in a very efficient manner. With the offshore software development center, you get to be in the control of everything. Your requirements modify the team that works on your project. If your instructions change then the team that is working on your project also changes, the meaning is that we make sure to provide the best results even when your requirements change.

Short Span of Time

When you are working, you are not able to enjoy the actual freedom of time. Your progress is bound by the shackles of time and you cannot do anything about it. Can you really forget your sleep just for the sake of your work? This never happens even if you try your hardest. A time arrives when you are not able to resist your sleep anymore. When you work with the offshore software development center, you are able to get the results the whole day. We are parallel from you and that is how we are able to provide the results for the rest of the day. This strategy allows you to save the space that is covered and the equipment, the costs of the equipment is also saved. There are many other resources that you get to save as well.

All the time that you generally spend on the working, you get to save all of that when expert programmers work for you. You may know by now that this is the main reason why so many companies prefer to outsource the software development. The short span of time decreases the time which is required for the development of the program. Due to it, you are able to survive the competition and spend more time on the betterment of the products.

Cost or Price Saving

When you are handling a project, you have to invest a lot because you generally don’t have the resources. You don’t have the necessary staff to work on the project and that is why you rely on the other professionals. In the end, you spend a lot of your money and for a moment, you are quite unstable.

When you are working an offshore company, you get to save a lot of your money. You may not believe it but according to the project, you are able to save more than fifty percent of the original costs. When the ODC is managed according to your needs, you really get to enjoy the benefits. These costs are saved because the labor costs are quite cheap. You pay the experts more than you should and it is not the same with us. The costs that the experts require are cheaper than what you normally pay. You don’t even have to put the quality on the stake. Even when you are paying the price that is quite less, you don’t get the cheap quality. You get the same skills and the same knowledge.

Some other aspects

Working with us means that you get to experience the up-to-date tools, methodologies, and the processes that are tailored according to the requirements of the clients. Every client has his own set of needs and instructions and we make sure that we satisfy every client of ours. Whenever a client works with The Net Hawks, a single offshore software development center is assigned to work on the project. This center is dedicated to the project according to its length. Every member dedicates himself to your work and provides the results that are satisfactory. The staff that works for us makes your goals their own and then work for it.

We adjust according to the requirements

As long as we can remember, we have been working to gain the satisfaction of our customers. We are only able to score the satisfaction by providing what is actually effective. Do you know how we ensure the effectiveness?

Every client that works with us has different requirements. Your problems are not similar to others, after all, your company is different. We have different services that we offer you and our methods change according to the needs of yours. Before working on the projects, we get to know more about the client. There are products and services that you are offering. To offer you the best, we change all of our methods to fit your needs. We thoroughly go through your situations and ideas to produce what you need.

You are suffering from many problems ending at the technical ones and we help you with all of them. By knowing more about you and focusing our skills, we deliver the best solutions to assist you with your situations and bring you out of your darkness. We have been working for a long time and we have the knowledge of business to help you in more than a single way.

Limitations of your information

Outsourcing is very problematic when it comes to the information about your company. There are many outsourcing companies that are just out there to rob you and get your money. They are not working to deliver the results and they use your information against you. It is tough to admit that but outsourcing brings this risk. That is why you have to research properly before choosing the one that you find suitable.

When you rely on us, you don’t have to worry about your data. The knowledge of your firm is safe with us. We forget about your information the moment we deliver the solutions and you get what you need. You get the best solutions when you work with the offshore software development center.

With the offshore outsourcing, you can get the help of strong professionals that are capable of supporting the weight that you have. 

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