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When you think of acquiring SEO Training in Pakistan, there are many institutes that come to your mind. There are large number of talented human resources in all over Pakistan, but there is an immense need to get them the right direction and guide them about where to put their efforts for bringing the best results.

For all those who wish to make a bright future in SEO, The Net Hawks is providing SEO training all over Pakistan.

Imagine you are running a company and offering some products or services.  Will you not like to target millions of people searching the product or services you are offering? Will you let them move to your competitors?

Probably not!

You need the customers, so get onto the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing and grab those prospective customers and enhance your business.

So you are thinking how to do Search Engine Optimization? That is what we are going to train you!

Get enrolled with us today to be the star the future SEO industry!

Why choose us for SEO Training

We strive to offer best SEO training. You can get a free SEO training session so that you can judge if our trainers are coming up to your expectations or not. A complementary free SEO training session is also given when a participant completes the training.

We welcome the students and IT professionals to join our expert trainers to satisfy their thirst of SEO knowledge. We don’t follow the fundamental or rule of thumb approach to design our SEO courses. SEO is an ever changing industry where there is no predefined lines to follow. Our experts keep close eye on every SEO update to design our SEO course.

We offer:

  • Industry Expert Trainers
  • In-house Expert Trainers
  • Informal Training Sessions
  • Individual & Group Exercises
  • Q & A Classes
  • Latest Techniques to Learn
  • Lowest Possible Fee
  • Quality Course Outline Designed by Industry Professionals
  • Hundreds of Satisfied Students

We are affordable in the fee but luxurious in the training. We believe in the career building of our students in the SEO industry. We have numbers of positive and appreciating testimonials that shows their satisfaction of knowledge gain.

Need of SEO Training

Every company has a website and everyone one wishes to get a lot of customers. Through search engine, they get the clients. If they are making money through website, they will happy to pay the Search Engine Optimizer who made it so.

Once you are trained in SEO, you will have the skills to make any website appear on the first page of famous search engine without paying any single penny to anyone. Companies are looking for the competent SEO experts. Companies throughout the world send their SEO projects to Pakistan because of the availability of low cost yet hardworking and brilliant labor. Revenue is earned in dollars, and when converted to Pakistani Rupees it becomes a handsome amount for worker.

Online advertising and marketing industry is facing a huge shortage of quality SEO experts. The demand of this industry is literally huge. As most of the business takes place online, that’s why every organization is very serious about their online identity and is spending huge amount to make it more stronger. For all this above given reasons choosing SEO as a career is the best option available.

This is the best opportunity to avail. Get in touch with us to get the best SEO training in Pakistan and grab an opportunity to work on foreign projects.

Our Target Audience

Our target audience includes anyone who wants to get SEO Training in Pakistan, but it benefits the following people a lot:

  • IT Students
  • Business Owners (who do not know how their website can flourish their business)
  • Management Students (especially those having major in Marketing or Human Resource HR)
  • Web Developers
  • IT Professionals
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Sales / Marketing Managers (marketing managers getting their website natural rankings in the search engines)
  • SEO Beginners (looking to upgrade skills)
  • Web Designers (capable of making a great design, but don’t know how to get their website on first page of Search Engines)
  • SEO Business Lovers
  • Marketing Companies
  • Ad copywriters wanting SEO Training in Pakistan to broaden their skills
  • Link Builders

What you learn with us

Being the SEO Trainers, we have never compromised on the quality of our SEO Training in Pakistan. Following are some of the top highlights of the professional knowledge that a student get during his or her enrollment:

  • We train our students to find out the best keywords to defeat their competitors in the market. It jackpots their website to the top of the list in just few days and definitely surprise the other in the same niche.
  • We train our students to defeat their competitors and remain at the top doing a perfect competitive analysis.
  • We let them understand the page analysis and teach them how to optimize a web page for Google, Bing and other search engines in the market.
  • The strategies to get top quality high PR relevant back links to derive more relevant traffic to your website.
  • We teach how to use major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc. to promote your stuff online.
  • We teach the best use of an SEO tool if any.
  • We let you know how to increase the business leads and the conversion rate for a company to achieve their sales goal.
  • The complete website audit to enhance the overall performance of the website.

Course Curriculum offered by us

You can get an idea of courses offered by us by having a look at the courses mentioned below:

SEO Strategy Development

In this course, we guide you about the day-to-day work done by an SEO, crafting remarkable SEO strategies for 2017, SEO Strategy Audit in a few steps,  creating demand on sites with less or no volume and creating a customer journey map.

Site Audits and Structure

In this course, we offer SEO Training in Pakistan on starting an SEO Site Audit for your Startup, Controlling Indexing for better Search Engine Ranks and Sub-folders vs. Sub-domains.

Keyword Research basis

When it comes to SEO, importance of keywords cannot be ignored. Therefore we train you Step by Step process for discovering, prioritizing keywords and about building a Killer Content to Keyword Map

On-page SEO fundamentals

We train you about the Principles of a great on page SEO strategy and How to Optimize for Competitors’ Branded Keywords

Link-building and off-page SEO

In this course, we guide you about the rules of Link Building, Targeted Link Building and Attributes that Influence a Link’s Value

SERP Features and Reporting on SEO

Our trainers guide you about How to Appear in Google’s Answer Boxes, How to convert client goals into report-able metrics How to prove the ROI of content campaigns.

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