How Much Does a Website Design Cost in Pakistan?

Website Design cost is something that can be subjected to the services that are needed by a customer. There are many services that are either collectively offered by a vendor, or some of them are offered separately. However, the ones offered separately are mainly those which do not affect the well-being of the matter of a website.

We at TheNetHawks are aware of the elements of a website. From its inception to conception, and finalization, we are the ones who can bring forth the website that is not only user-friendly but also has a fruitful future prospect for the business owners.

As a business owner, you know how important it is to have a website. But do you know that it is not just the website that can help you reach your customers? There are many other things that can directly or indirectly affect the health of your website. Of course, no one can deny the fact that a website has to be the best in terms of every element: from the design to the add-ons that can be made available.

Let us discuss that in details.

Why do you need a website?

There are a lot of necessities of a business. One of the foremost is its ability to reach to the potential customers in a very lucrative manner. The one which can lead to the customer satisfaction in a matter of time. It is the customers that can make a business a success or can bring it down without anything to support it. After all, it is them for whom businesses are created and products are made.

A website function as many things than just a means of reaching to your customers. It makes your brand visible to the world out there. With the help of it, you can have important news of your firm be displayed to the outside world and that too without having to lose much in terms of money. By investing just a little you can achieve authority on the web.

The benefit of this for the business is that not only it gets to have a status of a trusted brand, but it also can serve as a means of a change in the well-being of the people.

Making a website was difficult in the past. However, at this age, there are many tools that can effectively help anyone in making a website. But even then, the fact remains that a professional designer service has to be hired in order to save the time and the hassle of searching for all the tools and widgets suitable for your website.

The Types of Websites

There are essentially two major types of websites:

a) Static Website

This type of website is the one which does not involve any major page numbers. There are a specific number of pages, but that too is static. To rank them, there is a need for only a few keywords.

b) Dynamic Website

A dynamic website, as opposed to the static, is a website that has numerous pages and each page has a number of keywords that are generated. For example, the Facebook is a dynamic website. For this kind of websites, dynamic SEO is required which is the name given to the optimization with the help of all the keywords that are generated therein.

The above-mentioned website types are the ones that are according to the pages or the keywords. In terms of design, both of the websites have different requirements. Different elements are needed to bring them to life.

Also, there is another fact that needs to be borne in mind. Even designing is of two types.

The Generic Website Programming

This category defines all the programming that has to be done in order to make a website from the scratch. The coders or programmers write hundreds of pages of codes in order to bring forth something which the customer requires.

The Template-based Website Building

Since making the former type of website requires the input of a coder and a large sum of money, normally people avoid it. Although it can give you the desired design which a template based website cannot give, it can take months to come live. One of the best things about the template-based website is that it is ready to be used and is cost effective.

So, how much a website design cost?

In Pakistan, every industry relating design is in its early stages. Thus, you can grasp the idea that the packages are also very reasonable. We at TNH do not fleece our customers just because they do not know the rates of the market in this country. On an average, the cost of the website design in Pakistan ranges from PKR 16,000 to PKR 30,000.

We charge a total sum of PKR 25,000. But as we said before, this price is subjected to the features that a customer wants.

Why TNH?

TheNetHawks is the name of customer reliance, satisfaction, and professionalism in the face of the lucid market players out there. We owe our work to the dedication that we possess. There is not even a single day that we don’t receive customers. There are many referrals among them.

As for the designing, our team has all the required skills. They are equipped with the knowledge of any CMS, website creation tools such as WordPress, Blogger, Wix, and any other available.

Also, the languages in which templates of the website creation tools are written such as PHP, JAVA, HTML5, C++, etc. are well-known to our employees.

If you are worried about product reliability, then rest assured because our customer support center can update you regularly about the work that is being done on your website. It is an established fact that we never tend to do something out on our own. For us, customer content holds immense importance.

Our Packages

As we discussed above, there are many packages that we offer our customers and they depend on the features of the website design. The cost of the website design is thus directed by the features.

You can place a quote or contact us directly for a full brief on the cost of the website design that we offer.

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