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TheNetHawks is one of the well-known website testing services provider.  We consider that “good enough” is truly not enough. We understand that there are no alternatives to victory. An end product must work flawlessly, without omission, if it wishes to succeed in the market and over search engine ranking. But that’s simpler said than fulfilled. TheNetHawks helps you accomplish that dream by winning care of the tedious Software Testing & Quality Assurance (QA) process for your websites. Our Quality Assurance (QA) team is consist of Pakistan top-tier testers that will put your website through an abundance of severe, purpose-built testing processes in order to recognize even the most intangible bugs.

We do all the QA process, so you could do what could meet your dreamed website without any bug.We have intense expertise in different fields like Finance related websites, Banking sector website, E-Commerce (Online Shopping, Online Food, Boutique websites), Educational websites (Schools, Colleges, Academies, Universities websites), Healthcare Websites (Hospitals, clinics and medicines business websites), EntertainmentWebsites (Channels, Production Houses, Cinema websites), Telecom, Travel, Aviation websites and much more. TheNetHawks Website Testing Cycle includes acquired team technical skills, Knowledge of business Requirements, Distinct domain information, professionally build test plan & its realization.

TheNetHawks Quality Assurance Team Skills & Expertise with Website Testing Services

TheNetHawks Quality Assurance Team is the entirety of Professionals every asset is technological additional in every specific field of QA. Our Quality Assurance assortment is comprised of Professional Testers Manuals and Automated Engineers, Technical Writers, Test Managers, Quality Consultants, Performance Engineers, Security Engineers, Translators and a great deal more. We guarantee Quality of supplied programming items. TheNetHawks represents sound, agreeable and helpful Working Environment fulfills nearby and worldwide necessities.

TheNetHawks is contributed significant time in quality certification management. We attempt a wide range of website testing services everywhere throughout the Pakistan. We have proficient groups that are bosses in utilizing particular testing tools and are fulfilled in working with inventive portable, desktop and web improvements. Our high capability going with wide learning in Information Technology field permit us to remain in the rundown of top quality control organizations to fulfill various customers everywhere throughout the Pakistan. Our assessment process is to convey “Bug-Free, User-Friendly End Product” inside the due date time frame.

Why Website Testing is Important?

Web Testing/website testing is different to desktop application testing. In Web Testing, we are typically using a browser (the client) to request a website from a web server by communicating with the server over HTTP or HTTPS.It is important that, as testers, when we are concerned about Web Testing, we should be natural with the basics of HTTP to get a good knowledge of how website work.

In Web Testing, apart from functional testing of specific and integrated components, some of the testing types such as Performance, Security, Cross-browser and Responsiveness which are not significantly required in desktop application testing, become of high relevance in Website Testing. This is because Websites are exposed to a lot of public so performance has to be considered for.

In addition, Web sites are more susceptive to security attacks such as DDoS and SQL Injection, and if a website is targeted, the downtime can be very costly, so viewers should also be put on security testing.

TheNetHawks Website Testing Services

If you are selling any sort of product, goods, services, application or software products it’s really important that your website works properly, quickly and easily on all possible devices that an end user may have. If your website doesn’t work properly, quickly and easily on the device the person is using then you just lost a visitor, prospect, new customer or, worst of all, a return customer.

At TheNetHawks, we’ve been reading, learning and delivering website testing services for over 10 years. We know the distinction between software testing and website testing. Put us to the test to see if we’re the top website testing company for your website.

TheNetHawks Website Testing Checklist

Although there is a huge list of services that TheNetHawks Quality Assurance Process includes, but for Website Testing, we incorporate following website testing services Checklist:

1. Functionality Testing

Functional Testing ensures that each button performs the proposed action correctly. Some websites are complex with advanced search, grouping, instructions and shopping carts. Some websites are simple with just a few menus, buttons to submit a contact request. Functionality testing includes

  • Websites Link Testing (Internal, Outline, Mail To Links and Anchor Links)
  • Website Forms Testing
  • Cookies Testing
  • HTML & CSS Testing (all Syntax Errors, Color Schemas, Standard Compliance)
  • Websites Business Workflow testing

2. Cross Browser Compatibility Testing

Cross-Browser/Device Testing guarantees that your website’s content, layout, and presentation look and function properly in a variation of operating systems (OS), browsers and mobile devices. This is where it gets a slight complex. There are just too many varied operating systems, browsers, and mobile devices to test each one in a fair period of time.Cross-Browser testing includes:

  • Browser compatibility testing
  • OS/Operating System compatibility testing
  • Mobile Devises Compatibility Testing

3. Load & Performance Testing

Performance testing is to monitor the web is working beneath the heavy load. Page Load Speed Testing. Visitors have little patience for websites that take too long to perform on their device. If the page isn’t fully loaded in a few seconds, there’s a high possibility the visitor will leave and try another site.

  • Web Stress Testing
  • Web Load Testing

4. Usability Testing

We encounter predicaments that disappoint your website visitors.

5. Accessibility Testing

Test to make sure your website is accessible to all users all over the world.

6. Security Testing

The security testing is conducted to assure that is any information leakage in terms of encrypting the data. In e-commerce website, the Security testing play an important role. Security testing includes

  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Security Scanning
  • Penetration testing
  • Risk Assessment
  • Security Auditing
  • Ethical hacking
  • Posture Assessment

7. SEO Testing

Testing of items that can produce or destroy your website on search engines.

  • Website Auditing Services (Comprehensive website audits – increasing the quality of your website)
  • User Experience Audit (A purpose, independent assessment of your website focused on enhancing the user’s experience.)

If you have a website testing project or are just not certain in the website testing that has been performed already, please grant that TheNetHawks may be your Goldilocks – just the right quantity and warmth!

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